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The last few years has seen the introduction of innovations from Daihatsu such as Dynamic Variable Valve Timing. This technological innovation has brought about Daihatsu's reputation as the manufacturer of small cars and the most powerful small engines fitted to Japanese production cars.

All hail Daihatsu...the 8th wonder of the world!
Aren't anabolic steroids banned in sport?

Could this YRV be the cat's meow? Tokyo Auto Salon certainly stamps an emphatic "YES!" on that question!

Murray Hart's beast...the Storia X4...700cc's of RAW POWER!

Some of Daihatsu's technological innovations have resulted in some serious high-performance vehicles. Need I even mention the Storia X4 or the YRV? The Storia X4 for example, has around the same power-to-weight-ratio as the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII. Yet, in countries like New Zealand, a Daihatsu is still regarded as a granny's car - a supermarket trolley.

Lastly, as always, our car gallery section depends on contributions from you, the reader. So if you have a Daihatsu that you think would be worthy of this site, then get busy with your camera! And a lil' blurb on what makes your donk tick wouldn't go amiss either. Until next update...

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In other news, Murray Hart's Storia X4 has been featured in NZ Performance Car magazine Issue 52, where it received the attention and praise that it richly deserves - a 5 page spread! Murray also placed 2nd in the 0-2000cc Production Saloon class of the Auckland Car Club Clubmans Trophy Series in the Storia X4, after rolling the car at Pukekohe Raceway. If it hadn't been for the car rolling, a 1st place was guaranteed. A big congratulations to you Murray, we at DaiHard salute you!

ARC F2 rally ace Ross McKenzie ripping up the gravel...as you do...

Murray was also fortunate enough to be invited to co-drive a Toyota Corolla GT in the 6 hour day/night Endurance Race at Pukekohe Park Raceway on 05/05/01. The Corolla, with a worked 3S-GE 2L engine, remained very competitive amongst a field of many car types, from Holden and Ford V8s to Porsches, RX7s and fast fours. Murray's team placed 12th, a huge effort for a 2L in a field consisting of much higher powered cars suited to the fast straights of the Pukekohe track.
One of a handful of wide-bodied GTti's...
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